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“You’re Club, You’re Voice, You’re Choice”

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4 Senior teams, Men’s – Humber Premier League, Women’s – North East Reigon Woman’s Football League.


26 youth teams competing across the Hull Boys Sunday Leang and the Hull Girls Saturday League.


2 Academy’s for boys and girls aged 4-6 years old.

Boy's & Girl's


The home of football for girl’s and boy’s aged 4, 5 & 6


Our aim is to give football back to the fans. Creating a modern football club, run by an online community of like minded football fans.

With the power of technology, fans are able to interact and be part of a community that runs the football club that will give unique voting rights on all matters relating to the direction and the policies of the club. Our fans will become the heart of the club and our very reason for existing. Gaining not only access to all aspects of the inner workings of a real life club, but the ability to vote, offer new ideas and contribute to development of the club both on and off the field.

Hull United Seniors Chairman
Far too often in football we see Chairman and Owners making decisions regarding football clubs that fans don’t agree with, from changing the club name (Hull City), moving grounds (Wimbledon) changing the club
colours (Cardiff), pocketing the profits, the list is endless, this happens at all levels of football from the top down. Hull United want to change this, as a registered community benefit society we want to bring you a unique and modern football club. Football is changing, society is changing and in particular how fans consume football is evolving. Never before has technology and social media played such an important part in our beautiful game. We believe the most important people in any football club are you, the fans. We believe that not only should fans own the club, but have a say in all major decisions as the club progresses, whilst been able to relax as you will have no responsibility, risk or liability as a Hull United owner, just pure enjoyment the impact you will have on the club and local community”

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