Hull United AFC – Hull's only community owned football club

Your Club, Your Voice - Become a Hull United AFC owner today.

Did you know that Hull United AFC are the City of Hull’s only community and fan owned football club?

The club are now looking for more ‘owners’ to join ahead of the 2022/23 football season, we need your support and by signing up to become an owner you can have your say on how the club operates and offer your advice, support and opinions on big decisions that will shape the future of Hull United.

Hull United AFC offers everyone a unique opportunity to own your own football club. The club is fully owned and run by supporters on a one member, one vote basis. Members have the opportunity to vote on all major decisions that occur during the football season and these votes help shape the future of the football club with ownership and decisions made by our fans.

Every member has an equal share in ownership, so for as little £1 you can co-own your own football club alongside your family, friends, work colleagues and general football supporters.

We do have different levels of membership available from Juniors (FREE), Club Owner (£1) and Club Owner 2020 (£20.20) and these are open for anyone to join from anywhere around the world. You can sign up online today for instant co-ownership of Hull United AFC – Click Here.

Each owner receives one share with no liability and the opportunity to buy more shares in the future. You receive one vote on all the club matters relating to the direction and policies of the club, even the chance to stand for election to our board of directors. All the clubs directors meeting minutes and financial accounts are published on a regular basis to our owners and you can have a say in where the club spends its money. Currently the club has 110 co-owners and we are looking to push this number towards the 1000 figure during the 2022/23 football season, help support the club today and become a co-owner – Click here to sign up.

Contact with any questions you have before joining as an owner of Hull United AFC.