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Hull United U13's Reds

1st game back on home turf for the reds this year and wow what a performance. Hull united reds v orchard Park afc.

Straight from kick off the reds went to attack mode with some great threaded through balls but orchard was big and strong at the back and used there physical strength well not allowing our strikers on the ball the reds cm’s stayed high and was quick in intercepting the ball back and started thinking of other options spraying the ball to the flanks the hard work finally paid off with us opening the deadlock orchard started passing the ball about quick and snappy opening us up and looked really good now there was a battle up and down the pitch with both teams evenly matched orchard got into our box with numbers and the reds couldn’t clear the ball it was like a pinball machine bouncing all other and landing at orchards feet to pounce on just tickling the ball over the line 1-1.

2nd half the reds dominated the right flank gaining loads of space into dangerous areas seeing the reds slot home 4 precise goals the last 10 minutes both teams let there selves down with dangerous tackles flown in and verbal abuse to each other spoiling the performance of the game of how hard both teams had worked next week leave your handbags at home kids.

FT hull United reds 5-1 orchard Park afc

Motm or should I say lady of the the match goes to daisy so intellectual on the ball in the centre of the park her 1st touch is magical and looks like its glued to her feet but she never holds it to long is what i like always short and sweet control sidestep pass.

2nd goes to caleb playing right mid really grown into the team as a key player last few games plays so tight to the white wash with his quick feet enabling him to get past players then turns the jets on and delivers a great ball into the box got himself a great goal today what was well deserved nice to see him taking his chances when he is in those deadly positions instead of laying the ball off a true team player well done daisy and caleb and everyone else for a great performance today.