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One vote on all matters that require a vote

The opportunity to become a director

Unique membership number and certificate

One share (no liability)

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Become a Hull United Owner today to be able to shape the future of the club

Hull United AFC offers you a unique opportunity to own your own football club.

The club is fully owned and run by supporters on a one member one vote basis. Members vote on all major decisions, such as electing Board members.

Every member has an equal share in ownership, so for as little as £1 you could co-own our club.

We have different levels of membership available as although we would like all members to be 2020 club owners, we understand some may not be able to afford the fee and may join us in the future.

Ultimately, your support is the most important factor, hence offering the variety of memberships ensuring it’s affordable for everyone. We also have a junior membership for all those under 16 years old.

How To Join

Membership is £20.20 or £1.00 a year for adults and free for juniors under 16, it’s easy to pay, see your options below:

Online by clicking on the sign up button below, via Stripe or PayPal.

Or Download a membership form here and email it to

If you have any problems please contact us by email

Check out all of our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions below.

Join Us Today

Club Owner
Become a club owner, join us in the boardroom and help run your football club as we “pass” the decisions on to the owners to “tackle” as we “shoot” for the top, hopefully moving on to join us on the 2020 plan. All owners must be 18 years and over
Club Owner 2020
With all the same benefits as club owner, and the added knowledge becoming a 2020 club owners helps the club financially. We would like all members to be 2020 club owners but understand some cant afford the fee and may join us in time.
Junior Member
Under the age of 18? Junior membership is perfect for our younger fans. While your not eligible to hold a share or not able to vote, you can still join us for free and be listed in our club members. Your support to us is just as valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions.

All members have a £1 share when they sign up to become a club owner, meaning the very minimum we can charge for membership, if we could be free we would. We want affordable football for all.

Club owner 2020 was set to £20.20 as this is the year of of community benefit society formation. As with all clubs and businesses, finance is vital, and we ask all those who are able to join us on the 2020 club owner plan

The board of directors will pass all the decisions which need to be made back to the fans, A few examples of these could be, how much to watch a game, what kit supplier we use, how much we set sponsorship for, how much a cup of tea costs, what the money gets spent on from playing budget to a new club house, the list is endless….

Things that wont be voted on are those which are mandatory and do not require a vote, such as paying bills, repairing facilities and equipment etc.

Team selection and selection of back room staff will be left to the Managers of the men’s and Woman’s teams.

As club owners we are responsible for appointing the managers, set them targets and reviewing their progress and supporting them on and off the field.

Here at Hull United we welcome all ideas from club owners, simply inbox us at