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Hull United were formed in the summer of 2014 with three main objectives

  • A successful and affordable youth setup inclusive to all.
  • Successful senior team’s playing as high as possible in the football pyramid while staying true to the values of been affordable and inclusive to all.
  • Provide facilities and services to benefit the local community.
Hull United was founded as a Unincorporated Member’s Association bound together by the constitution of the club, a club for members run by the members.

As the club progressed and the men’s senior team gained promotion to the NCEL, we quickly found out we needed to make a small change to this model as unincorporated associations are a group of individuals who are bound together by  the constitution or rules of the club. As such, the club is not a separate legal person in its own right, which means it  cannot act in its own name to:
(i) hold property (either land or other assets); or
(ii) employ staff; or
(iii) enter into contracts.

In 2019 the club decided the best way to move forward was to register the Youth with the FA, continuing with the Model of an Unincorporated Member’s Association. The Seniors section were to register separate with the FA as a Community Benefit Society, A registered Society is a body corporate which is regulated by and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It can carry on an industry, business or trade for the benefit of the community, registering all assets in a community asset lock ensure the benefit to the community.

This was considered the best option to push forward the three main objectives while ensuring no one person can control the club, the club would benefit the community and all members would have limited liability.