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Applications for Chairman are still welcomed

Applications for Chairman

Hull United AFC Seniors are looking for a new Chairman and Vice Chairman to join the club.

The Chairperson plays an important role in a Company. The Chairperson’s main duties include chairing meetings of the Board of Directors, setting meeting agendas in conjunction with the Company Secretary, managing and providing leadership to the Board of Directors, and acting as a direct liaison between the Board and the Company’s owner’s.

While we welcome applications from all, we feel there are a few key attributes candidates would need to bring to the role.

Ability To Chair Meetings

Boards of Directors meet only a few times a year, but they make decisions that define the organisation’s destiny for years to come. The ability to manage those meetings effectively is key. Chairmen must ensure that all the business is discussed in line with the agenda, that everyone’s views are heard and discussed, that clear decisions are reached and accepted and that they follow up to make sure agreed actions are carried out in line with Board decisions.

Understanding The Business

An exceptional Chairperson understands the business, its culture, people and processes. They also understand the wider industry and prepare the Company for all eventualities. Experienced Chairmen can quickly identity opportunities and potential risks facing their organisation. They can engage with their Boards at an early stage to discuss potential courses of action.

Ability To Influence Others, Without Dominating

A good Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all Board members are using their own unique skills for the good of the organisation. They must ensure all Board members contribute to discussions and the decision-making process and they must allow each Board member to express their views, even if they conflict with the Chairperson’s view. Developing effective communication with Board members is key. An exceptional Chairperson is careful not to allow their own personalities to dominate. They are willing to be challenged on their own views and enjoy open debate.

Strong Personality 

The role of the Chairperson is a difficult job. They have ultimate responsibility for Board performance. A good Chairperson gives strength and support to others while being resilient themselves. This requires a strong personality. Even the most experienced and effective Boards can face challenging times and the ability of the Chair to deal with these situations and to bounce back is essential to a Company recovering and moving on.

Good Communication

One of the exceptional Chairperson’s secrets of success is effective communication with all stakeholders. Through effective communication, the Chairperson gains the confidence of their Board of Directors and provides clarity in the boardroom. The Chairperson’s ability at communicating Company strategy to external stakeholders and giving stakeholders confidence in the Company’s future direction will help keep external pressures at bay. They will also stand up to shareholder pressure, if necessary. An effective Chairperson does not lose sight of his main priority of improving the long-term performance of the business.

Inadequate leadership and governance contributed to the underperformance and failure of major companies during the economic crisis. The role of the Chairperson has become even more important. The current environment places greater responsibility and a higher profile on the Chairperson. Recent events have shown how, when things go wrong, the Chairperson can be first in the firing line.

Should you be interested in these roles or require any further information please contact John Duffill on 07384893433 or email